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Doming stickers with neon light effect

For almost a decade now we have been active in promotional gadgets branch, especially doming stickers which sometimes are called as globe stickers. Therefore we were almost certain, that we know everything about special effects in doming products. Yet, the order we made lately was astonishing even for us.


A regular customer has asked us if it is possible to produce stickers with neon-like effect. The stickers were supposed to be used for marking scooters and mopeds of a well-known brand, and the neon-like effect would refer to the customer’s specialty, which is of course the neon lights. At the very beginning we considered this to be rather impossible, but we decided we need to give it a try.


Self-adhesive foils and films are probably most  often associated with white color or with colors from a chosen color pallete. However, the market offers a wide range of foils with special effects like carbon, reflective, mirror-like, brushed metal to name just a few. Often these foils are not dedicated for printing for a simple reason – the durability of printing leaves much to be desired. Everything changes if the stickers are finished with doming resin. This is not only a 3D transparent layer that gives very interesting and good-looking effects combined with already nice effect of the named above foils. The resin layer plays also an important role in protecting the printing against weather conditions or devastating influence of UV-light.


You probably guess right what happened next – we picked foil with a proper effect, which we combined with a high quality printing. Afterwards, we applied resin on the stickers and you can see the results on the following pictures:

Nice, isn’t it?

Feel free to contact us even with such ideas. We really like such challenges!

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