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Frames for licenceplates

Frames for licence plates have for a long time now been a common product both on the Polish and the European market. A frame not only makes it easier for the user to mount a number plate on the car but also can be a cheap and efficient advertising medium. was a pioneer in sales of frames on the Polish market, and currently is among the leaders of the producers in Poland and Europe.


Our frames are produced of high-impact polystyrene or of polypropylene. Experience and constant improvement of the production process enable to offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Doming.BG frames can easily be installed. After fixing the frame with screws into its place, all you need to do is to insert the plate into the frame and secure it with a batten lock. Their construction is compatible with almost all of the European car makes.

This way of installation of plates gives You following advantages:

  • there is no need to make any holes in the licence plate;
  • an easy, comfortable and secure system of attaching the licence plate to the frame prevents the licence plate from falling out or being easily stolen;
  • licence plate gains a more attractive and modern look.


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