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Frames with printings (UV screen printing)

Doming.BG activities are not only focused on production of the black frames but also on applying multicoloured printings on their battens. The process is fully automatic and printings on the frames are made with the use of special type of inks (so called UV technology).


The technology enables to create vivid images on the frames, which moreover are characterized with durability and resilience to climatic factors. Moreover, UV inks are harmless to the environment. It is worth to remember when you consider the choice of the supplier, because most of them still use older types of paints, environmentally unfriendly.


If you are interested in frames with your own logotype and text, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, e-mail or using our on-line printing creator. We are eager to help you to create a good project which will best meet your expectations.


There is a possibility to order only battens with printings.


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