About – DOMING.bg | Frames for licence plates, holders for number plates


DOMING.BG offers a wide range of products and services like:

• Doming plastic frames for licence plates also known as holders for number plates,polyurethane 3D dome labels (epoxy stickers),
• screen-printing services,
• decorative and commercial PVC plates with printings,
• Aluminium info plates, keychains and tyre bags with printings.
• many more accessories and services for the automotive industry.


Although our main customers are strictly connected with the automotive industry, our products are dedicated to many more within the advertising industry.

At DOMING.BG we put maximum effort to ensure an appropriate level of customer service. High quality of our products is a result of continuous development and innovation in different areas of our activity according to the principle that those who do not go forward and make progress but keep idle in one place in fact go backwards. Starting cooperation with DOMING.BG you can be reassured of an excellent customer orientated service and high quality of our products.


DOMING.BG is also a general distributer of the Polish company UNITAL- an organisation with over sixty years of experience in automotive industry, production of plastic frames for licence plates, automotive gaskets and other accessories and services for the industry.


DOMING.BG / KJ Auto Ltd.
47, Kuklensko shose Str.
4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
+359 878 101 175