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3D dome stickers

Dome stickers, sometimes called epoxy stickers or domed labels are stickers of self adhesive foil coated with transparent polyurethane resin. Doming coating makes stickers more resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, road salt etc. and more elegant at the same time – a unique 3D effect combined with shiny surface makes a very nice result. This is the reason why this type of stickers is very often used in the automotive industry. They are even used by a number of vehicle producers to mark the models of cars, buses etc.


However, the advantages of doming stickers are appreciated also in other branches, especially those where the long-lasting printings and elegant look are of particular importance. This would be, just to name a few examples, following companies: machine, computer or tool producers, firms specialized in repair services or even manufacturers of windows, furniture or shower cubicles. To sum up, doming labels are perfect for those who require discreet and elegant ads to promote their products.


Unital’s offer is aimed as well at whosalers as at retail customers. The stickers can have almost any shape with just one limitation – all the corners and sharp edges need to be rounded. To receive a pricing we kindly ask you to contact us via mail or telephone to pass information about size, amount and type of foil that is required.
We offer stickers with printings in two, most often used technologies – digital printing and screen printing. Choice depends on customers’ needs.

  • Digital printing or screen printing
  • Wide range of foils
  • Customized shape

For indoor and outdoor use.


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