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3D doming texts on boats

We have lately received an order for doming letters made on mirror-like foil, which are going to be used to mark a motor boat afterwards. You can see the result on pictures below.


Why doming is a very good solution for this type of use? The answer is complex. Firstly, the doming layer is water and UV resistant. In result, the foil effect (in this case the mirror-like effect) or print will be long-lasting, without any visible drop in quality even after years of use. This is the reason, why doming resin is so widely used in automotive branch, which is known for its high standards, if a matter of service life is considered.


Secondly – elegant look. The resin layer reflects sunlight or headlights and when combined with the effect of smooth, high quality mirror-like foil the doming creates very interesting and good looking visual effects, especially during shiny days by the lake or see.


Thirdly, mounting is very easy even for a person that has never made such a thing before. The letters are delivered with a special transfer film so there is no need to mount them separately, making an unnecessary challenge. With the transfer film the whole text is applied at the same time, whereas the film itself is taken away after mounting. The only thing you need to remember is to clean the surface before application because dirt or fat can weaken the foil adhesive.


At last, the letters are cut out of self-adhesive foil which means that there is a huge range of effects we can choose from while thinking about our special effect. Besides the mirror-like effect there are reflective foils in different colors, brushed metal, gold or glittering foils to name a few.


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